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Book V: Night of the Gladiator

The search for the fifth well has begun. Carter, Patrick, Amber, Ryan and Kate travel to ancient Pompeii where the shadow of the volcano, Vesuvius, falls ominously over the city. While they try to find the well, they must navigate the Roman city as they race against the clock before the volcano erupts.

Book I: Fate of the Future

Carter, Patrick, Amber, and Ryan discover a set of five wells in their back woods and are transported ahead to 2069. There, in the middle of a nuclear winter, they learn that a war began with a missile strike five minutes after they left their own time. Working with the crew of a derelict submarine holding the remnants of the human race, they learn that they will have to go back in time to change key events in order to keep the nuclear war from ever happening.

Journey to the past
To change the future
To fix a broken world
To get home

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   I watched him in the pale moonlight. There was nothing left of the young man I’d known, I knew that. I had to think of the others. He would kill us all, that I also knew in my heart.

   I reached for the hilt of the broadsword in front of me. As soon as I gripped the magical blade, it reformed in my hands into a lighter, curved katana, a blade more suited to me and one I had experience with.

   Patrick sneered pure evil.

   Yet still I whispered, “I’m sorry,” as I swung back and drove the blade towards the place where my brother’s heart used to be.

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