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Book I: Fate of the Future

Carter, Patrick, Amber, and Ryan discover a set of five wells in their back woods and are transported ahead to 2069. There, in the middle of a nuclear winter, they learn that a war began with a missile strike five minutes after they left their own time. Working with the crew of a derelict submarine holding the remnants of the human race, they learn that they will have to go back in time to change key events in order to keep the nuclear war from ever happening.

Book II: Fall of the King

Patrick, Carter, Amber and Ryan travel to Medieval England to meet Merlin, who will explain to them how they are meant to stop the nuclear war from happening. Only instead of the wizard, they find a horde of aggressive knights and a distrusting King Arthur. While they figure out how to find Merlin and get themselves out of Camelot's dungeon, Patrick also must come to terms with the effects of his encounter with the cyborg.

Book III: Dark of the Past

Amber, Patrick, Carter, Ryan and Kate travel to World War II to board the German battleship, Bismarck. While aboard, they have to kill one of the officers, whose son starts the nuclear war that destroyed their home. But as they try and make their way through the ship before it is sunk by the British, Amber and the team learn that killing is harder than it seems and how to weigh one life against the future of the world.

Book IV: Dawn of Tomorrow

Ryan, Carter, Patrick, Amber and Kate are sent to modern day China to stop the launch of the nuclear missile that destroyed their time. They have to fight past security systems, Chinese submarines and androids laying in wait. As Ryan guides his friends through their missions, he faces new challenges in the battle for the future.

Book V: Night of the Gladiator

The search for the fifth well has begun. Carter, Patrick, Amber, Ryan and Kate travel to ancient Pompeii where the shadow of the volcano, Vesuvius, falls ominously over the city. While they try to find the well, they must navigate the Roman city as they race against the clock before the volcano erupts.

Book VI: Blood of the Twins

Spring 2020

Book VII: Curse of the Pharaoh

Fall 2020

Book VIII: Blade of the Samurai

Spring 2021

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